Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Daughters Spook House

If you haven't read my daughtes blog you should!
She moved into this beautiful home with 5 acres of wooded land. It is a gorgeous setting, lovely home, inside and out. All except for the ghost. Yes I said ghosts. Not just one but three, a family, husband, wife and child. The husband killed his wife and child and buried them somewhere on the 5 acres. It was a long time ago, at least 150 years, if not more.

If my daughter hadn't grown up in the house she grew up in. I don't know if she would have figured out so quickly what was going on. She knew there was something in her house that was not friendly. The male ghost take joy in scaring women. He is one of those types of men. You know a wife beater, very controling, just a general a-hole.

Just go to her blog and read everything that is going on. It is hard to belive. The ghosts have even been recorded talking. It is kind of creepy.