Saturday, January 3, 2009

Can you count how many?

I don't know how many sparrows are in the honeysuckle bush. I heard lots of chirping and looked over and there they were. They do like that bush because it produces berries. That and it protects them from the cold, somewhat. You know you can enlarge the picture by double clicking. When I first heard them and saw them there were more but by the time I got my camera some had flown away.

It was a beautiful day this morning but now it has turned cold and windy. The weather changes so darn fast here.

Sunday I am going to Wichita with my first born. Her and her DH are stopping by to get me (as long as I don't have a headache) I need to get the frames for the pictures that are being mailed as I type.

It's now Sunday I started this post Saturday, trying to get a head start.

I woke up at 5 this am with a headache. I took my migraine medicine and went back to bed. Thank heavens when I woke again it was gone!

Now to make my list of things I need from the "Big City". I know my DH needs some new Levis. For some reason I keep shrinking his. At least that is what he keeps saying.

This is my husband's German Short Hair named Duke. His name should have been Spaz! I have never seen such a hyper dog. I even ask the Vet if he could be ADHD (I think that is what it's called) He is hard headed too. He is now 2 yrs old and the Vet said he should calm down by the time he is 4. I don't know if I can take it that long. He is a pretty dog by OMG! I know if something happens to him my husband will think I did it!

I can't believe he stayed still for this picture.


Snooty Primadona said...

Every big dog we ever had seemed to be hyped up on methamphetamines or something. They all drove me batty. Lulu the Cair Terrier was the calmest & best dog we ever had.

We've had lots of birds too, but they are just so hard to gets good shots of. I've got to learn to use my camera better. Those are some really chubby little sparrows, I must say!

brneyedgal967 said...

Those sparrow in the honeysuckle is like Where's Waldo. How did your shopping day in Wichita go?

herMomsometimes said...

Got the picture frames and the mats are ordered. They have to be cut to size. It is an odd size so there wasn't any on hand. It will be 2 weeks before I can get the mats. Don't ask me why it would take so long. That is from Michael's. I will love it when I get them all put together.