Saturday, January 3, 2009


I have fought this all night. I knew when I went to bed with a headache that I should have gotten up and taken some asprin. I had taken a muscle relaxer, that usually helps. Sure didn't last night.I do have it down to a dull roar now. And looking at this computer doesn't help. So why am I doing it? Because I'm bored!

I think I will go to Wichita today. I need to find 2 frames that are 8 x 12 or larger like 12 x 16. I have purchased a photo from Kate (Chronicles of a Country Girl ) It's the Tree in Silhouette, I love that photo. Then I found out from Kate that I got one free, so I got Tree in Silhouette 2. I think I will slowly start replacing the pictures in my livingroom. Everything I have in here are signed numbered prints or orginal landscapes that I have taken while on vacations. I love Kate's photos. I only have one so far from a local photographer. He has won national awards for his photographs. His are much more expensive that Kates but I think hers are just as good.

This is the photo that I bought my husband for Christmas. (Really it was more for both of us)

If you double click on it you can enlarge it. The brown color is the matting around the photo. I don't know how many of this he sold but it was alot. This was taken about a mile from my house during the ice storm of 2005. Isn't it beautiful.

Tammy if you know how to go in and put a copyright on the photo please do so. Stan does have one on there in the lower left had corner but is that enough? I don't want to get into trouble for putting it on the web. If you can't remember my sign in for my blog let me know and I'll send it to you. (okay I did kind of figure it out but if what I have on the photo doesn't work let me know so you can fix it.) If I shouldn't have it on the web let me know and I'll remove it. I just thought it was so beautiful I had to share it.

Here is some of my other art work in my living room.

This is a Ducks Unlimited signed number print. I have 2 or 3 from Ducks Unlimited. This one is above my fireplace.

The ones below are also signed numbered prints by Ivy Hayes. I would have loved to have one of his orginal oils. He is an old black man from North Carolina. He is color blind. His grandson tell him what colors are what.

Double click to enlarge, you can view them better that way.
As you can tell I love art of any kind as long as they appeal to me. I hope you have enjoyed my livingroom art. What is shown is only a couple of walls. My livingroom is 16 by 32 so I have a lot of wall space. Believe me when I say it is covered!

Hey, my migraine has gone away. I guess my migraine pill worked, yeah!


numberonesistah said...

I'm glad your migraine went away, I seem to get them in batches. We are just puttering around today and putting up Christmas decorations, the kids all come roaring back tomorrow so this is the last day of peace and quiet.

Love the artwork and I really like that deer pic that Stan's so beautiful!

Thinking of getting some of those others that we saw at the fair?

Snooty Primadona said...

My doctor started me on some medication for migraines that I take at bedtime and it has really worked well. It's called Gabapentin, which is the generic for Neurontin. I don't even have migraines when I'm taking it. I just happen to be out right now. It only costs me $5 per month, while my blood pressure medication is over $50. Go figure...

brneyedgal967 said...

I love that Stan photo - yep, you got the copyright on there good.

I love Kate's photographs!! I have her tree in silhouette in my entry way - I found the frame I have at Target. It's a 12" x 14" with matting for an 8" x 10" and it was only $20.

You know... you can always rotate framed prints you aren't using for display in my house on my empty walls. Heehee. That way they won't be stuck in a dusty basement.

herMomsometimes said...

Not a bad idea, it's better than just stuck somewhere in this house and forgotten.