Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Dog looking for a place to poop in deep snow!

Wow We have never had so much SNOW! New Update

Snow on the roof of the garage of another neighbor, Wow impressive!
The neighbors deck that live on the block behind us. This crap is Deep!

This is the window in the bathroom upstairs. No the snow isn't THAT deep but it looks pretty neat. Makes me wonder what the roof looks like?

Can you guess what this is a picture of . It is snow stuck to the basement door. I have a yard stick that I was going to measure the depth of the snow but I need something longer!

My husband had moved his VW out of the way so he would be able to get his 4 WD truck out, ha! It is covered too. There is no going anywhere. I'm so glad I bought a large amount of food last weekend.

My front porch. I can't get the front door open. I really don't want to either.

Neighbors driveway across the street.

Looking across the street at Albert's driveway and garage. That is a pickup parked there.

View from the basement door looking under the deck. You can kind of see a little of the six foot cement wall. You can't see the steps leading down at all.

This really shows the snow depth.

North side of the back yard.

I know it's hard to see but the chains holding the swing go into the snow. It just keeps getting deeper.

Friday, March 27, 2009

March Blizzard!

It has been snowing since about 9 am. When I left work at noon you could only see about a block. The snow is coming down sideways. The wind is terrible. The courthouse was closed at noon today because of the weather. The Courthouse NEVER closes on a regular work day. I'm sure glad it did.

Here are a few pictures I have taken of the mess.

Some of these are looking out my back door and some out of my front windows. Unlike my daughter I did not go out side to take pictures.

The was snow plastered against my patio door.
The photo shows the snow better. The black wrapped thing is the grill.

Through the front windows

Poor little birds are cold!

The woodpecker is waiting for the ugly black colored bird to get off of his suet.

Finally he can get a little food before the bully birds show up.

Now the squirrel is going to get in on the act.

View through the patio door. And the storm still rages.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mother Nature Did It Again!

My Apricot tree has been in full bloom for several days. I was really hoping this would be the year I would finally get apricots from this tree.

As you can see the sky is kind of dark. The sun comes through every once in a while but it has been cold all day.

These pretty little blooms are not long for this world. The temperature last night and tonight will be in the low 20's. I don't think I will be getting any apricots this year, again.

I guess I should enjoy them while I can. They are such pretty little blooms.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Small Town Life

Small towns are a great place to raise kids. There isn't a bunch of things for them to do but they make their own fun. Don't think that small towns are drug and crime free, far from it. I had aways thought this was such a nice little town until I went to work for the District Court. Now I know different, on the surface it is an innocent appearing town.

For such a small town, we have several parks. Lemons park is by far the most beautiful. It doesn't matter what time of year. There are sidewalks the wind through the park, play areas for the kids and separate area for playing baseball and T-ball.

This is the local one and only theater in our town. I does show first run movies. It also has two screens. So no matter where you sit you don't have anything blocking your view. And you are close to the screen.

Our water towers, well maybe at one time but now they are just for show. Pratt's brush with fame came when a writer from the New Yorker magazine drove through town. He say the water towers, had to take a picture and wrote a story that was published in the magazine. Now that was the talk of the town for several weeks!

It took me 15 years to get use to this town. I grew up and always lived in a big city. It was a total shock moving to this small of a town. Now my husband was just the opposite. This is the largest town he has ever lived in. We both adjusted because we are still here some 30 years later.